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TRI-MAG 90 vegicaps with Magnesium Citrate, Glycinate and Malate (More Info..)

COMPLETE PLANT PROTEIN 620 g with digestive enzymes

The Real Thing takes Social Responsibility seriously. We regularly receive feedback from our valued customers regarding our product offering and its impact on the environment. Consequently we have re-evaluated the use of secondary packaging for the Complementary Medicine range. Secondary packaging in this range is being phased out for all products except that packed into the 75 ml glass bottles and our Mega Omega Fish Oil Range (Natural and Lemon). Current batches are being packed into glass amber bottles only. For your convenience, we have added a recycling logo to remind and encourage recycling. We have also provided a link to The Glass Recycling Company.  Visit their website to find a glass bank closest to you. Alternatively, many retailers have recycling facilities, so make recycling part of your shopping journey! Let us all do our part to recycle, repurpose or reuse to save our planet.

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