The Real Thing Shark Liver Oil Capsules

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The Real Thing Shark Liver Oil Capsules


Shark liver oil is exactly what it says it is. Oil extracted from the liver of specific species of cold-water shark. It’s also a dietary supplement with some seriously immune-boosting effects. Oh yes, it’s the great defender.


What? Shark Liver Oil (SLO) is an immune system ally. It helps your body fight all kinds of infections and immune-compromised states.
Why? Scandinavian people and Japanese fishermen have long used SLO in the treatment of colds, flu and airway infections and to help wounds heal.
How? It contains an army of alkylglycerols – health defending compounds that show encouraging immune-boosting and cancer-fighting properties in many laboratory studies.


SHARK-FRIENDLY FACT: Regulations prohibit the catching of sharks exclusively for their oil. That’s why our Shark Liver Oil is only ever a by-product of those caught for commercial fishing purposes. It’s only ever humane.


The only thing that matters are the alkylglycerols – a group of long fat molecules that are precursors to the lipids used to make up cell membranes.

Here’s how this translates into an immune-triggering effect...

  • Alkylglycerols strengthen membranes. The chemical composition of these long complex lipids helps to ensure that cell membranes stay strong and healthy.
  • Healthy cell membranes mean healthy cells. And healthier cells with healthier membranes will function better and be better prepared to resist and fighting infection.
  • We don’t always get enough. Your body does manufacture its own alkylglycerols within the liver and bone marrow. But more alkylglycerols can help to amplify the immune-boosting effect. That’s why the internal supply can and sometimes should be supplemented with food sources.
  • Shark Liver Oil can help. Why? Because SLO is one of the best sources of alkylglycerols around.


FACT: The Real Thing Shark Liver Oil contains a minimum of 20% alkylglycerols.


Alkylglycerols are thought to give the immune system a double-barrel boost. Firstly they stimulate the production and function of immune system cells. Secondly they inhibit protein kinase C, an important regulator of cell growth.

The active ingredients in Shark Liver Oil can help the natural fight against an infecting enemy force...

  • Extra immune cell activity. Several cell culture studies have shown that alkylglycerols spur on macrophages – the immune cells that engulf invading germs and damaged cells, or deliver them to other destroyer cells.
  • Better infection fighting. Lab studies also shows that alkylglycerols can help fight bacterial and fungal infections – that’s why they’re thought to help in the treatment of colds, flu, chronic infections, asthma, psoriasis, arthritis, and AIDS. A 2005 study performed in Poland found that SLO supplementation during conventional treatment can help stimulate the immune system to fight infections better.
  • Better wound healing. Because alkylglycerols encourage macrophage activity, they can also help wounds to heal faster and more effectively.
  • Better autoimmune balance. A 2002 study from Poland showed that SLO can help to regulate the hay-wire immune activity seen in autoimmune disease. That said, the 2005 Polish study mentioned above did suggest that, because it’s an immune system stimulator, people suffering from autoimmune conditions should avoid very high doses of SLO.

THE BOTTOM LINE: There is no magic wand that waves away disease. But the alkylglycerols in Shark Liver Oil can help to stir the immune system into fighting harder and winning.


Sometimes cells don’t read signs. Especially the stop signs that halt unnecessary cell division. The result is uncontrolled dividing – namely cancer. But studies show that SLO just might be able to intervene...

  • Less tumour spreading. The alkylglycerols in SLO can really get in the way of a tumour’s advance. Two separate studies (published in Nutrition and Cancer and Oncology Report) have shown that these immune-friendly molecules prevent the formation of new blood vessels into tumours, which effectively cuts off their lifeline.
  • Less cell division. Lab research has also found that alkylglycerols can reduce the response to biochemical signals that make cells ignore stop signs and keep dividing.
  • Fewer chemo effects. SLO is often used in conjunction with conventional cancer therapies like chemotherapy and radiation. Why? Because, according to the American Cancer Society, alkylglycerols are thought to help relieve the side-effects. Most likely because they help to protect and maintain cell membranes.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Shark Liver Oil is not a cure, but it can give cancer a kick in the right direction. It helps to relieve the side-effects of conventional treatment and stimulate the body to respond to chemotherapy. Plus it might help slow down cell division.



  • What we put in it. Nothing but the purest, most potent shark liver oil.
  • What we don’t put in it. No colourants, flavourants, preservatives or additives of any kind.
  • Where we get it. The Real Thing Shark Liver Oil is sourced from an Icelandic company that’s been specialising in the production of medicinal fish oils since 1938.
  • How’s it’s produced. This oil is purified, filtered, distilled and deodorised. All operations are approved by the Icelandic Medicines Control Agency and have been certified compliant with ISO 9001 quality control standards and ISO 22000 food safety requirements.
  • How it’s sustained. All sourcing adheres to responsible fisheries management to ensure sustainable fish stocks. This means our shark liver oil is in-line with regulations that say sharks can’t be caught exclusively for their oil. It’s a shark-friendly by-product of commercial fishing.


For maintenance, take 2 capsules (400mg alkylglycerol) daily. This can be increased to up to 5 capsules daily. Consult your health practitioner.

Note: Safe for children and for pregnant or breast-feeding women.