BACKGROUND: Why you need omegas

Want to know why you need more omegas in the first place? Want to know your omega 3s from your 6s and your 9s? Get the lowdown on these highly important fatty acids. It's all here. Read it for your health.

1. The Real Thing Mega Omega Liquid

Natural or lemon-flavoured, there’s nothing fishy about it. It's ultra-pure, maximally concentrated and packed with heart-helping, brain-building omega 3 fatty acids.

2. The Real Thing Mega Omega SUPREME

It’s supremely potent and supremely pure. It’s a Norwegian formula in convenient capsule form. Sigh. So many things to love.

3. The Real Thing Mega Omega 3+6+9

Omega-3 rich fish oil plus omega-6 and -9 dense borage oil equals all the good fatty acids you need in the right ratio. It’s an omega all-rounder.